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Hand shaped gold and silver wires accented with the beads I make from stone…[fancy_link link_text=”see more” url=”#https://manitoubeads.com/product-category/earrings/” float=”none”][/column] [column size=”1-3″ last=”0″] IMG_9017


A wide assortment of stringing styles and colors await you…[fancy_link link_text=”see more” url=”https://manitoubeads.com/product-category/necklaces/” float=”none”][/column]

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Hair Sticks

Hand shaped hair sticks currently in copper or brass, adorned with my Stone Beads…[fancy_link link_text=”see more” url=”#HAIR STICKS https://manitoubeads.com/product-category/hair-sticks/” float=”none”][/column]



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I Would Love To Create A Talisman Just For You!

Custom designing pieces with a specific individual in mind is my favorite way to spread beads out into the world. Here’s how it works… Contact me with the following information:
1.The colors that appeal to you.
2.”Medicine” you want to receive from your stones; ie. assistance with transformation, a boost in creative energy, support for your heart, etc.
3.Preferred length of necklace, or wrist measurement for bracelets.
4.What is your price range?

Several different styles of stringing your beads are available. Have a peek at the Gallery and the Current Offerings pages to get a sense of the possibilities.




If you would like to complement your necklace with earrings, I offer two different sizes of hoop earrings in silver or gold that are delicious for stacking beads onto:
Small (16mm) Sterling Silver: $20.00 a pair  / 14/20 Gold Filled: $25.00 a pair.
Medium (25mm) Sterling Silver: $30.00 a pair  / 14/20 Gold Filled: $35.00 a pair.
(prices do not include beads)
Larger hoops are available special order in either metal.
Peruse the Inspiration and Current Offerings pages to get ideas of beads to add, and contact me with your preferences.



Hair Sticks

Custom designed hair sticks are also available upon request, currently in brass or copper. They begin at $35.00 for the stick. Consult with me on adding the beads of your choice. These measure roughly 6″ in length.


Beaded Bangles forthcoming…


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