First, I must honor my nut of a teacher: crazy Africa John, the original Stone Bead Maker who got me started down this “jaded” path. After I invested several thousand dollars into HIS beads, he finally conceded to teach me the trade.

Thank you Sharon Gray for your ridiculous levels of generosity and patience, encouraging and assisting the building of this website -medium to get these goodies out into the greater world. Thank you for SEEING me, and continuing to  assist the midwifery of my vision into something functional that still retains it’s essence and beauty.
I love my hand written logo and tagline fonts, respectively birthed by Austin Owens and Medina Gregory. It was a particular delight to work with “Austie”, not only does she design beautiful fonts, she also brings humor and warmth to any endeavor.
Jahnelle Seaman, web support magician; you gracefully iron out my tangles and we chuckle most of the way through it.
A nod to John Hanron and Ravey Kierann for sharing the handful of images on this site that I didn’t take.
Gratitude to all my supermodels; friends:  Cameron Green and Eric Wittenbach of Saskatoon Circle, Surya DiModica, Eve Hirschstein, Tania Gonzalez Ortega, Eors Markos, David Millman, Maureen Collins: ya’ll are beautiful from every perspective.
To the many folks who sent me your thoughts for the Testimonials page; your kind words are deeply felt and appreciated.

All you sweet peeps who have indulged me indulging your rock habit over the years. It is such an honor to be a part of creating these talismans that support you in life. I am truly humbled by the privilege!