Care & Wear

Care & Wear of Your Stone Jewelry

Congratulations on your purchase of authentic Stone Beads! These stones will most likely last to be inherited by your progeny, the cord however, will have a shortened life if not cared for properly. If you wear your talisman always and never take it off, the leather cord lasts about four years and will then need to be re-strung (the cotton cord has a bit less longevity). It’s lifetime can be extended greatly if your jewelry is removed when bathing, or prior to hydrating with a generous amount of lotions, and especially oils.
CLASPS: The Items that close with a clasp come in one length and are fairly straightforward. The clasps seal with tension so use gentle pressure – pushing to close or pulling to open.
FISHERMAN’S KNOTS: If your beads are strung without a clasp and rather a double fisherman’s knot you have a necklace that is adjustable. When you slide the knots closer to each other the necklace will lengthen to slip over your head, or leave it this way if you prefer to wear it long. Sliding the knots away from one another will shorten the necklace. Use force. I tie these knots quite tight so they will not undo on you. As you wear your piece, the knots will soften and become more pliable.
THE STONES: The beads themselves love to be worn. Your natural body oils and energy will enhance their innate beauty. They also appreciate a cleansing! Some folks like to use a bowl of salt to clear the energy of their stones. For the stones alone this is lovely, but it will quicken the deterioration of your cord, so I don’t recommend it. As well, immersing your jewelry in water, while delightful to the stones, will shorten the life of the cord if done frequently. Do hang them in the fresh outdoor air / in the moonlight / feel free to use incense or sage to cleanse them / simply talk to them; using your intention, ask that they be cleared and re-charged from their source and by the elements, to continue blessing you.


Just A Wee Disclaimer

I am not a doctor. All information about stone properties is for you to take or leave, and is not meant as a prescription in any form. If these concepts are offensive to any one feel free to discard them.  If they are helpful and empowering, by all means employ.

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