| MAY 7, 2014 | IMG_2561

A large part of why I love what I do as a jeweler is working with stones that are refined enough to be worn yet retain their essential natural appeal. This element is reflected throughout my life: I love refinement but deeply appreciate the thread that always leads me back to the earth, whether it’s how I adorn myself, or how I feed myself. I’m particular about my food having had a happy life – animal, vegetable, or mineral. It’s probably why I grow or harvest much of it myself; I always know who it’s parents were.
Before I step into my stone jewelry shoes today, I am harvesting and processing some herbs this morning, loading up my Mason jars.
So many good things come in a Mason jar: dill and butter pickles that give a tuna sandwich meaning; strawberry jam, to color winter toast; the amber of honey; and the whole brewing world of magical fermented foods. Mason jars make me think of canning sunlight. For those of us who live in northern climes, they preserve the colors and flavors of summer to provide fortitude through the winter, or as Gregg Brown, one of my favorite down home minstrels puts it “Taste a little of the summer, Grandma put it all in a jar”.
With the fecundity of spring growth, right now I am making fresh herbal infusions in the morning from the wealth of just picked weeds and herbs in the yard, but I’m also drying some of the abundance for winter nourishment. Here are a few just harvested and dried this week: Nettle, Raspberry, Peppermint and Horsetail.