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for the spirit of the earth

I’m excited to share with you a passion which also happens to be my vocation: I collaborate with the earth to create individual, primordial beads and pendants that become original pieces of Stone Jewelry. Not purely adornment, these are talismans. They are striking yet richly simple.

 All of my beads and pendants are singularly handcrafted from rare and semiprecious stones. There is a small faction of people who make stone beads that are handled one at a time from beginning to end, without the use of templates or drill press.

I am among the few.



About The Artist

I grew up in the mountains and shrub steppe of the beautiful Methow Valley, a land I will always know as home. An abundant but simple life nourishes me…Read more


Current Offerings

Head to the Current Offerings page if you would like to select a unique necklace from the one-of-a-kind creations I have available in stock…I'm goin'


Custom Orders

Custom designing pieces with a specific individual in mind are my favorite way to spread beads out into the world. Here’s how it works.I'm goin'

The Creation Process

parrotwing rawThe journey of creating a bead or pendant begins with raw rock: high grade material gathered from
around the world, chosen for distinct features, integrity and quality…Learn more